We headed straight from Istanbul to the region of Cappadocia via an internal flight. There was a slight hiccup when we arrived at the wrong airport for this flight, completely my fault and we had a hair raising adventure with our driver speeding across the city.

Second hiccup of the day was waiting hours for our transport at the airport to take us to our hotel, which added to what was already a very long journey. All part of the travelling experience I suppose. A few hours and a few arguments later we finally arrived at our destination. This really is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The shops, hotels and restaurants are all carved out of the volcanic rock formations.

The next days were filled with even more mesmerising adventures as we flew in a hot air balloon over the region and then hired quad bikes to watch the sun set.

Finally we flew back to Istanbul where we had heaps of fun. If you enjoy unique shopping then here is definitely the place to be. We really enjoyed the nightlife here too.

We had a few occasions where we did not feel 100% safe while here. One was probably our own fault not taking obvious safety precautions. But we did find taxi drivers in Istanbul to push their luck. If I was to visit again I would only use transport organised by the hotel as some taxi drivers ripped us off, when we refused to pay one the over inflated price he actually drove off with my friend in the car. If it wasn’t for the hotel staff running after them who knows what would have happened. I wouldn’t let this put me off, but it’s definitely worth considering.

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